League of Legends Dev Update Unveils 2024 Plans: Ranked Splits, Preseason Shifts, and More

2024 Ranked Splits Triple Up

The League of Legends dev team recently dropped a new Dev Update video where Riot Brightmoon, Meddler, and Pupulasers lay down some major 411. From 2024, the League community can expect three distinct Ranked splits per year. That’s right, more chances for players to climb and flex those skillshots.

Preseason Changes Aligned with Ranked Start

The timeline for preseason game changes is also getting a rework. Starting in 2024, these alterations will coincide with the beginning of Ranked. No more mid-season curveballs, summoners.

Preseason Gameplay Gets a Makeover

Preseason isn’t just a name change; it’s also receiving a full gameplay makeover. From tweaking in-game items and objectives to redesigning parts of the Summoner’s Rift map, Riot has got a level-up plan in store.

Mythic Item System Phased Out

Say goodbye to the Mythic Item System. Although the system is being decommissioned, not all is lost. Riot assures that some of the community’s favorite items will remain in the game.

Ranked Availability Extended

For the hardcore grinders, Ranked mode will remain open throughout November and December. No holiday breaks for the truly committed.

Soul Fighter Sends Arena Offline

Up next, the Soul Fighter event will temporarily take the Arena mode offline. But don’t worry, it’s coming back in December, and yes, it will be better than ever.

Modes Team on the Grind

The Modes Team is clearly on a quest for improvement, diving into features like new augments, better champion viability, and map adjustments. The squad is even testing the waters for ways to squad up with more than just one friend.

Nexus Blitz Makes a Comeback

Get your game faces on. Nexus Blitz is returning in late October for a five-week stint, complete with some noteworthy upgrades.

New Bot AI to Hit PBE

If you’re keen on testing your skills against AI, keep an eye out for the new bot AI. These beginner bots are set to make their debut on the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

Upcoming Champs in the Spotlight

In their next Dev Update, the Riot team plans to introduce updates on champs like Jax and Skarner. Expect the meta to shift as new strategies emerge.

League of Legends Dev Update: Arena, Quick Play, Skins, and More – Mid-Year Check-In

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