Legends of Runeterra World Ender Update Details, World Championship Finals Details

Face the World’s Ultimate Conflict with The Darkin Saga: World Ender in Legends of Runeterra.

Whether you’re inspired to take up arms against the God Warriors and their armies or explore the ancient secrets of the Darkin, Riot Games today launched the conclusion of The Darkin Saga – World Ender!

The Darkin Saga: World Ender contains three new champions – Ryze, Kayle, and the World Ender himself, Aatrox. It’s also an exciting week for Legends of Runeterra’s esports, with the Legends of Runeterra World Championship group stages taking place this Thursday, December 8th, and Friday, December 9th, culminating in the World Championship Finals on Saturday, December 10. Tune in on Twitch and YouTube beginning at 8 AM PT to watch top players from around the world put their best decks forward to battle it out for the title of this year’s World Champion.

New Cards

Over the past week, Riot has been revealing all of the cards being added in World Ender. Head to one of the galleries below to get the full list of new cards and start building your decks!


  • DAK.GG

Darkin Story so Far

Xolaani was once a beloved and respected healer, but when the wars broke out long ago, she lost sight of her purpose and used her hemomancy to manipulate her allies.

Now that she’s awoken again, powerful forces are rallying against her. Aatrox, the World-Ender, was once her former general, and Varus, the Arrow of Retribution, was once her ally. Even Kayle has descended, the celestial arbiter of justice, cannot sit idly by as Xolaani tears across the land – and Ryze, the secretive rune mage, will stop at nothing to keep the world in balance.

Three New Champions


Aatrox builds an army of terrifying Darkin with his Origin “The World Ender” that allows any non-champion Darkin to be included in deck building.


Ryze wields the power of the World Runes and brings the most expansive Origin yet, “The Rune Mage” allows Ryze to add any Burst spell during deck building.


Kayle metes out divine justice and introduces the new mechanic “Empowered” into the game.

New Origins

The World Ender

You may put any non-champion Darkin into your deck during deckbuilding. Once you’ve played or summoned 3+ different other Darkin, draw an Aatrox.

The Rune Mage

You may put any non-targeted burst and focus spells into your deck during deckbuilding. At the start of the game, create 2 Delve Into The Past in your deck for each Ryze that started the game in your deck.

New Vocab


Transform allies equipped with Darkin equipment into their Darkin unit forms. If they are champions, they level up.


A unit has its empowered bonus while its power is at least the listed number.

Bloodwoven Event

The Bloodwoven event begins, exploring the alternate history where our Ascended Champions had fallen to Xolaani’s corruption and emerged a dark super power.

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