Looper Tactics Hits Steam: Deckbuilding Meets Roguelite in a Battle Against Ancient Curses

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From Cards to Quests: Core Mechanics Unveiled

Publisher 2P Games and developer MoXiangRuGu confirm the release of Looper Tactics on Steam. Priced at $10.99 / €10,79, the game comes with a 10% launch discount for its debut week. Looper Tactics combines elements of collectible card games and roguelite mechanics, inviting players to explore dungeons, craft decks, and challenge the curse inflicted by the Ancient Empire.

The Loop: Gameplay and Objectives

In Looper Tactics, players will experience a unique blend of card collecting and deckbuilding alongside roguelite elements. The game encourages exploration of dungeons, completion of tasks, and tactical combat. Players must fight, perish, and restart the cycle to ultimately build the game’s most formidable deck.

The Lore: A Cycle of Reincarnations

Long ago, the Ancient Empire crafted a world trapped within a mystical box, brimming with artificial souls. To protect their reality, the Empire cursed this world to an endless cycle of reincarnations. As the player, you carry the weight of breaking this cycle and reclaiming freedom from the Ancient Empire’s grasp.

World Exploration: Metroidvania-Style Board

Looper Tactics boasts a Metroidvania-like board teeming with battles, puzzles, adventures, and secrets. The decision of where to venture lies solely with the player. High-risk areas often yield greater rewards, lending depth and complexity to the gameplay.

Deck Customization: A Pool of Choices

The game allows unrestricted deckbuilding with a diverse range of cards, items, scrolls, and hero skills. Players can select from various races like elves, elementals, demons, and dragons, creating a multitude of strategic combinations.

Permadeath as Progression: The Beauty of Failing

A unique feature in Looper Tactics is the game’s encouragement for players to face death frequently. Dying isn’t the end; it’s a new beginning. Players retain enhancements and attributes earned from previous runs, making each new attempt a step toward progress.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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