LunarLux Takes Off on PC: Get Ready for an Anime-Inspired Lunar Odyssey

Hey G-LYFE Nation, LunarLux has officially landed! Developed by CosmicNobab Games and published by Freedom Games, this action-adventure pixel RPG is now available on PC through platforms like Steam, Epic, and GOG. The game promises an epic adventure, with a backdrop set in the year 30XX where humanity’s last hope rests on the lunar world of Luna.

30XX: Luna, The Last Stand for Humanity

In this high-stakes scenario, Earth, or Terra as it’s called in the game, has been ravaged by a comet. The same cosmic terror is coming back for Luna, and it’s up to you and Lunar Warrior Bella to stop it. Traverse the otherworldly terrains, complete perilous missions, and tackle the enigmatic foes known as the Murks. The fate of Luna and humanity is in your hands, literally.

Hybrid Battle System: The Lux Experience

Gamer alert! LunarLux isn’t your standard RPG; it boasts a unique hybrid turn-and-action-based battle system. With a roster of 40 active skills and 30 support skills, players can max out their Lux Meter to activate powerful Lux Combos. Get strategic with your gameplay, as stacking abilities smartly can lead to thousands of special sequences.

Tetra, Your Robotic Wingman

Don’t like to roam alone? You’ve got Tetra, Bella’s robotic sidekick, who helps explore the rugged lunar landscape. Whether you’re walking on the moon’s surface, soaring through its skies in a jet suit, or piloting a customizable spaceship, Tetra’s there for the ride. From petting dogs to making friends with the locals, you’ll find plenty of side activities and hidden easter eggs.

Network Mini-Games: Unlock and Conquer

Beyond the usual RPG elements, LunarLux offers a unique challenge with malfunctioning networks. Guided by Tetra, players can dive into these digital realms and overcome mini-game challenges specific to each network. It adds another layer of depth to the already intricate gameplay mechanics.

What the Pros Are Saying

Benjamin Tarsa, Director of Publishing at Freedom Games, sums it up: “Venture through this masterfully woven anime-inspired tapestry of adventure in LunarLux, where the power of Lux awaits your command. Get ready to reach for the stars on an interstellar journey like no other on PCs now!”

The 411 on Pricing and Availability

No need to break the bank, LunarLux dropped on September 25th, 2023, and is available for $19.99. A worthy investment for any hardcore gamer looking to dive into an intense, anime-inspired adventure.

That’s it, G-LYFE Nation. Ready to suit up and save Luna? Let us know what you think!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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