Marvel Future Fight Adds The Annihilators in Latest Update

MARVEL Future Fight Expands with Cosmic Update

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Netmarble Rolls Out New Content for Blockbuster RPG

Netmarble, known for its development and publishing of premium mobile games, has introduced a significant update to its popular mobile RPG, Marvel Future Fight. This update brings the cosmic superhero team, the Annihilators, into the spotlight, adding new dimensions to the gameplay with fresh characters, attire, and enhanced character tiers.

New Characters and Uniforms

In this latest expansion, players can now utilize two new characters: Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) and Ikon. Additionally, new uniforms for existing characters Beta Ray Bill and Gladiator are available, offering players more customization options for their gameplay experience.

Enhanced Character Tiers and Skills

The update introduces Tier-4 upgrades for Beta Ray Bill and Gladiator, each coming with new abilities to enhance their combat effectiveness. Beta Ray Bill receives a new Striker Skill, while Gladiator is equipped with a new Ultimate and Striker Skills. Furthermore, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) and Ikon have been granted Awakened Skills, broadening the strategic options available to players.

Progressive Missions and Support for Tier-4 Upgrades

Agents engaging with the game can now access Progressive Missions, which provide bonus effects such as increased acquisition of growth materials upon completion. These effects are activated by checking into the game the following day. The Tier-4 Upgrade Support Missions have also been updated, facilitating faster hero upgrades to Tier-4 for agents.

Guardians of the Galaxy Team-Up and Check-In Event

The Guardians of the Galaxy team has been added to the Team-Up Collection, allowing for new collaborative opportunities within the game. Moreover, a new Check-In Event enables new agents to secure up to four heroes (Tier-3 or Potential Transcended heroes) and two Comics Cards with an increased Pierce Damage effect by checking into the game daily.

This update provides Marvel Future Fight players with a host of new content and enhancements, further enriching the game’s expansive universe. With the inclusion of the Annihilators, players have even more opportunities to explore cosmic adventures and engage in strategic gameplay.

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Platforms: iOS, Android

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