New Champion Saati Alongside Massive Update Now Live In Paladins

Today, Paladins’ 51st Champion, Saati the Trickshot, has joined Hi-Rez’s free-to-play fantasy team-shooter as the newest Damage Champion.

She may act carefree, but Saati spares no expense to remain the best bounty hunter in the Realm through intense training and cutting-edge tools.

Her Dead Ringer is a versatile decoy that distracts and damages enemies, while also revealing those who get fooled and fire on it.

Saati’s signature trick is her Coin Flip. It’s no gamble but an opportunity to reach enemies behind cover as her bullets ricochet off the Coin straight to the nearest target.

When she’s done enough toying with her prey, Saati can supercharge her Hand Cannon to shoot through all surfaces, dealing tremendous damage.

“Try and hide but Saati will always find you,” says Alex D’Alessandro, the Game Designer behind the new Champion. “The design team set out to make a Damage Champion that rewards fast reflexes and skillful trick shots. Saati gives players a unique experience in Paladins by allowing them to find and destroy characters anywhere on the map. We hope that you look good and feel good while pulling off the sickest moves in the Realm.”

Stone Keep Map Update

Paladins’ most popular map Stone Keep has undergone a visual rework portraying it as a bustling medieval metropolis. The overall texture quality has improved, while the color scheme and the architecture have changed. Testimonies of the Magistrate’s dominion can be seen all throughout the city.

As an iconic map, Stone Keep is getting a special treatment for its rework. For the first time, two versions are available – day and night. With a look and atmosphere so distinct from one version to the other, they feel like different maps entirely.

New Event Pass: Nightfall

With 24 levels of rewards, the Nightfall Event Pass unlocks new horrific skins, including Midnight Royal Corvus for free and Devilish Skye as the ultimate reward.

Alongside this duo, the new Revenant Torvald becomes the new Bounty Store skin exclusive to Event Pass owners. Bounty Coins can be earned for free through different ways – including watching Paladins streams – and used to unlock cosmetics in the in-game Bounty Store.

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