Quake Champions Dec. Update to Bring 100-Tier Battle Pass, CTF Mode, and More!

Some of the biggest changes ever are coming to Quake Champions in December, including an exciting new way to progress and earn exclusive rewards; a new system for earning Champion-specific gear; the arrival of the much-anticipated CTF mode; a new map; and tons of additional updates and improvements.

Battle Pass

The community has been asking for changes to progression and rewards, and in the December update, the game delivers. Players will find a totally new system for leveling-up and earning free and premium rewards, providing even more cosmetics as well as a clear view of what can be achieved. The new system will offer players a free path to rewards as well as an optional paid “Battle Pass” that unlocks even more, exclusive items. Players earn rewards by leveling up within a Season in the Arenas. Details include:

  • The more you play, they more rewards you earn – frag with friends, level up, get loads of sweet loot!
  • Both free and Battle Pass players will earn skins, shaders, vanities, icons, nameplates, currency and loot boxes; Battle Pass players will earn more rewards, and most items in the paid track will be completely new to the game 
  • Each Season will offer a 100-tier ladder, filled to the brim with rewards
  • Battle Pass players will enjoy an additional, immediate in-game bonus item
  • Daily and Weekly Challenges will be included in both the Battle Pass and free tracks, but the Battle Pass will offer additional Weekly Challenges to earn extra credit and rewards

The Quake Champions Battle Pass will be available for 1,000 Platinum. The introduction of the Battle Pass will bring additional changes to the economy, such as removing Backpacks and Chests, consolidating currencies, and more.

Champion Progression

In addition to progressing through the Battle Pass to earn rewards, players will level-up specific Champions by completing a variety of Challenges in the game. Accomplishing Weekly Challenges and leveling up in Battle Pass will both reward players with “Shards,” a currency that can be spent to unlock items unique to each Champion. This system will allow players to earn even more rewards and – more importantly – to choose the Champion that their rewards are applied to.

Capture the Flag and New CTF Map

Capture the Flag is back! The community has been asking for it, and now the classic FPS mode returns with all of the signature Quake intensity. To help you along your way, a new map Citadel, specifically designed for CTF, will be included in the update. Keen-eyed Quake fans may recognize the inspirations for Citadel from Quake Live’s “Stone Keep.” Get ready to team up and use whatever means necessary to keep your flag firmly planted.

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