Rocksmith+: Learn Guitar Anytime, Anywhere with the Award-Winning App

Rocksmith+, the renowned guitar-learning app, is set to make its highly-anticipated debut on mobile devices worldwide. On June 9, music enthusiasts can download the mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, opening up a world of guitar education opportunities that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The service will be available for free to new users for a trial period of seven days when they sign up for a 12-month subscription. It’s worth noting that Rocksmith+ will be exclusively available on PC through the Ubisoft Store.

A delightful surprise awaits Rocksmith+ users as rising star Mothica collaborates with the platform to release her latest original song, “Glow in the Dark,” exclusively on June 12 before its availability on streaming services. Mothica’s alternative pop music has garnered an impressive 200 million global streams, and her debut record, Blue Hour, reached the remarkable position of #3 on the iTunes charts in the US during its release week in 2020. Mothica’s music carries a powerful message as she strives to challenge societal stigmas surrounding mental health. Her passionate fanbase resonates with her honest and open discussions about past trauma, depression, and her journey to sobriety. Fans can engage with Mothica through the “Jam with Me” TikTok challenge on June 16, where they can create and share content featuring her new song, “Glow in the Dark,” using the hashtags #RocksmithChallenge and #RocksmithPlus.

Rocksmith+ boasts an extensive library of over 6,000 songs, allowing users to explore their musical interests across various genres. The app enables guitar enthusiasts to effortlessly pick up their acoustic, electric, or bass guitar and start playing. With Rocksmith+’s improved state-of-the-art note detection, real-time feedback, and practice tools, learning at your own pace has never been easier. Regular content updates ensure that subscribers receive a steady stream of new modes, features, and monthly song additions, guaranteeing a fulfilling guitar learning experience.

To fine-tune your instrument, the Rocksmith Tuner app (formerly known as the Rocksmith+ Connect app) is at your disposal, free of charge. This handy tool offers a professional-grade tuner that ensures accurate tuning for your guitar or bass. Simply connect your instrument directly to your mobile device or use the built-in microphone to achieve optimal tuning. The Rocksmith Tuner app caters to both beginners and experts. Beginners can utilize the basic tuner, which guides them through more than 30 tuning presets, while experts can rely on the chromatic tuner for precise tuning. For more information about the Rocksmith Tuner app, head to their website or download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Rocksmith+ is poised to revolutionize the way aspiring guitarists learn and improve their skills. With its mobile availability, vast song library, and comprehensive suite of practice tools, the app offers an unparalleled guitar-learning experience. So whether you’re a beginner eager to strum your first chords or an experienced player looking to enhance your skills, Rocksmith+ has something to offer every guitar enthusiast. Get ready to embark on your musical journey and unlock your true potential with Rocksmith+.

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