Rooms of Realities: Dive into a Virtual Escape Room Adventure on Early Access!

Gamedust is excited to announce the availability of Rooms of Realities, a thrilling VR escape room experience, on Early Access via Steam and Meta App Lab. Developed by Bluekey and published by Gamedust, Rooms of Realities invites players to immerse themselves in a virtual world of puzzles and exploration. With its unique blend of escape room challenges and captivating locations, this game offers an immersive adventure from the comfort of your own home.

Early Access: A Sneak Peek into the VR Escape Room

Rooms of Realities launches with an enticing trailer that showcases the exciting gameplay and immersive environments that players can expect. The game’s initial release on Early Access introduces the first three chapters, titled “In the Shadow of the Pyramids,” set in the mystical land of Ancient Egypt.

Dive into Ancient Egypt

In the early access version, players will embark on a journey through the ancient Egyptian ruins, uncovering hidden secrets and solving intricate puzzles along the way. The attention to detail in recreating the atmosphere of this historical period ensures an authentic and immersive experience for players.

More to Come: Free Updates and Future Plans

The Early Access version of Rooms of Realities offers an exciting glimpse into the game’s potential, with the promise of more to come. Bluekey plans to release two major free updates, expanding the game’s content with six additional chapters. These forthcoming chapters will transport players to a variety of captivating locations, including an eerie abandoned hospital and the depths of Captain Nemo’s enigmatic submarine.

As the game progresses through its Early Access phase, Gamedust will provide a roadmap outlining the upcoming activities and improvements. Players can look forward to a wealth of new challenges and enhanced gameplay mechanics leading up to the game’s full release as version 1.0.

Supported Platforms and Pricing

Rooms of Realities is currently available for $14.99 on Steam, catering to a wide range of VR enthusiasts. The game supports popular VR headsets, ensuring compatibility and an optimized experience for players. Additionally, the game can be accessed through Meta App Lab, specifically designed for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro users.

Rooms of Realities offers a fresh and immersive take on the escape room genre, transporting players to captivating locations and challenging them with ingenious puzzles. With its availability on Early Access, gamers can already delve into the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and anticipate future updates that promise even more thrilling adventures.

Whether you’re a VR enthusiast or simply seeking a unique gaming experience, Rooms of Realities is a title worth exploring. Stay tuned for updates from Gamedust as they continue to refine and expand the game, providing players with an ever-evolving virtual escape room adventure.

Platform: SteamVR, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro

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