Season 2: Day of Reckoning Out Today on Call of Duty: Mobile

It’s time to answer the bell: Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2: Day of Reckoning has arrived!

Starting March 10 at 4pm PT, players can settle the score in Season 2 with two of the most beloved maps from the Call of Duty franchise, take to the streets with a new Battle Pass with 50 tiers of free and premium rewards, and squad up in a new sniper only 3v3 Gunfight mode.

What’s more, this season’s update brings players new weapons with the assault rifle AS VAL (free and paid versions) in the Battle Pass and later in the season through a seasonal challenge, the SP-R 208 sniper rifle. Adding to the gameplay experience, players can look out for a Recon perk and a Napalm Scorestreak.

Here are some of Season 2 highlights coming to Android and iOS:

  • New Maps – Two new multiplayer maps from Modern Warfare have landed:
    • Shoot House – A traditional three-lane, fast-paced map that promotes frenetic engagements and high-octane battles.
    • Shipment (2019) – Often regarded as the tiniest map in Call of Duty history (before Gunfight mode existed), Shipment was the original site of many grudge matches and ridiculously frenetic Multiplayer sessions 12 years ago. This map is perfect for completing challenges or fast kills, and pure fun chaos.
  • New Operators – Modern Warfare’s Charly makes an appearance as a default character option for players. Charly joins other female operators in the game, such as Outrider, Vivian Harris and more. Fans everywhere can get Charly for free now. More Day of Reckoning-themed operators to revealed at season launch!
  • What’s New in Battle Royale Mode?
    • “Built Like a Tank”– Available for a limited time (March 18-24), this mode lets players summon their tanks and use anti-tank weapons to kill enemies in battles
    • Introduction of a new vehicle – Cargo Truck
    • Easter Eggs – they’re back!
  • Marquee Event – “Pursuit” kicks off on March 25 and enables players to send a unique Special Ops soldier out on operations to earn rewards.
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