Shinorubi: A New-Gen Shoot ’em Up with Exciting Features and Physical Editions Announced

Red Art Games and Last Boss 88 are joining forces to bring the exhilarating manic shooter, Shinorubi, to consoles this year. With its impressive new-gen exclusive features and physical editions, this danmaku-style shoot ’em up promises intense bullet hell action for players. Pre-orders for the physical copies will be available soon, offering fans a chance to secure their copies and special editions. Let’s dive into the details of this highly anticipated game.

Physical Editions and Pre-Orders: Shinorubi will be released digitally on Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Additionally, Red Art Games will publish physical copies of Shinorubi for Switch, PS5, and PS4. Both the digital and physical editions are expected to hit the market in Q4 2023. Pre-orders for the physical copies will open on Thursday, June 8th, at 5 PM CEST through the official Red Art Games online store.

Special Editions: Shmup enthusiasts and game collectors will have the opportunity to get their hands on multiple physical editions of Shinorubi. In addition to the Standard Edition, which will be available at launch from various retailers, Red Art Games is offering two special editions exclusively through their online store.

  1. Deluxe Edition: This edition includes a copy of Shinorubi for Nintendo Switch, PS5, or PS4, a wraparound box sleeve, an acrylic stand, and a poster. Limited to 300 copies per platform, the Shinorubi Deluxe Edition can be pre-ordered for €39,99.
  2. Shinorubi Pink Edition (Nintendo Switch Exclusive): This beautiful box set is designed specifically for Nintendo Switch players. It includes the game, a SteelBook, a double-sided poster, and a copy of the game’s powerful soundtrack. Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide, the Shinorubi Pink Edition can be pre-ordered for €69,99.

Exclusive Physical Bonuses: Both the Deluxe Edition sleeve and the Pink Edition physical bonuses will feature stunning new artwork that will be revealed at a later date. These exclusive additions will further enhance the collector’s value of the physical editions.


Set on the planet Shinorubi, the game revolves around the struggle for the rare and powerful compound known as “R-R.” This substance grants great power and exceptional longevity to those who possess it. For a thousand years, the BAÄA family has monopolized control over Shinorubi and safeguarded the “R-R” for their own gain. However, hope arises with the legend that the King’s sanctuary will open on the solstice of the 1000th year of their reign. Eight former members of the King’s army, now rebels, plan to seize this opportunity and bring an end to the family’s reign of madness.

Gameplay and Features

Shinorubi showcases Last Boss 88’s passion for Japanese danmaku shooters. The game offers eight different spaceships, each with its own unique play style, allowing players to find their preferred approach. With various “Arrange Modes” and multiple difficulty settings, Shinorubi caters to both seasoned bullet hell veterans and newcomers to the genre. Players can expect a challenging experience with maximum replayability.

For players on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, Shinorubi provides enhanced visual quality, supporting resolutions up to 4K. Additionally, the game offers a blazingly fast frame rate of 120 fps on compatible screens, delivering an ultra-smooth and immersive gameplay experience.

Shinorubi is set to make a powerful impact on the shoot’em up genre with its intense bullet hell action, diverse gameplay options, and exclusive features for new-gen consoles. The announcement of physical editions, including special collector’s editions, adds to the excitement for fans and game collectors alike.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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