SK Gaming Extends Esports Partnership with EPOS

For the third year in a row, SK Gaming’s pro players will be equipped with the best premium audio products on the market courtesy of their extended partnership with EPOS.

EPOS delivers high-end audio solutions based on pioneering audio technology striving to unleash human potential by perfecting the in-game audio experience. Through its ability to bring forward every sound cue and deliver clear speech, EPOS’ products can make the difference between winning or losing the game.

​SK Gaming looks forward to once again partnering with 115 years of audio expertise and to continue the long-lasting partnership with the team that launched one of the first co-branded items in esport’s history: the legendary ‘Sennheiser PC 160 SK Gaming Edition’ headset.

“We are incredibly thrilled to start this new adventure with EPOS and continue working with the great team that we already know so well from the past years. They have been and will continue to deliver true high-end audio solutions for our players across the globe and we couldn’t be happier to have such a premium brand on our team.” Alexander T. Müller, CEO of SK Gaming.

“We are delighted to continue our long-term partnership with SK Gaming and to support their competitive efforts around the globe. Our esports partnerships allow us the opportunity to join up with world-leading esports teams and enable them to elevate their game experience to brand new heights. SK Gaming has an impressive legacy in the esports world and we are excited to once again partner with them.” Andreas Jessen, Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing, Gaming, EPOS.

SK players will be sporting the EPOS I SENNHEISER products during stream sessions and during upcoming tournaments. The EPOS logo will also feature on the official 2020 SK Gaming jersey. Stay tuned for upcoming content and giveaways celebrating SK Gaming’s continued partnership with the gaming audio brand.

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