SpecialEffect Rolls the Dice on 7th Annual One Special Day for Disabled Gamers

Yo, gamers of the G-LYFE Nation, listen up! SpecialEffect, the gaming charity, is back with its yearly flagship fundraiser One Special Day. They’ve teamed up with big industry names, giving you a chance to make a real-world difference, all while gaming. We’re talkin’ raising serious dough for a serious cause.

One Special Day Steam & Mobile Promotions

SpecialEffect is going full throttle with their One Special Day Steam Promotion from October 5-8, alongside a Mobile Promotion on October 6. All you’ve gotta do is buy specific titles and DLCs, and a chunk of that revenue will go directly to the charity. It’s like hitting two loot boxes with one click.

Beyond Just Buying: More Ways to Contribute

But hold up, it ain’t just about cashing in on Steam or mobile stores. The charity’s already raked in over £100k from other activities and events. We’re talkin’ pub quizzes, football tourneys, abseils, and even a One Button Game Jam. So if you’re into more than just button mashing, there’s a way for you to contribute.

The Impact: Real Support for Real Gamers

SpecialEffect is the real MVP here. They’ve got a crew of therapists and tech specialists, all geared up to help disabled gamers get the most out of their experience. They loan out custom tech and use what they learn to help devs make more accessible games. This initiative supports thousands of disabled peeps every year, leveling up their quality of life.

Words from the Top: Dr. Mick Donegan

SpecialEffect’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Mick Donegan, chimed in, stressing the importance of this event. He’s talking about a surge in demand for their services, all of which are offered for free, by the way. One Special Day is like the game industry’s own mana potion for this charity.

Visibility and Participation Across Platforms

This ain’t some low-key event, y’all. One Special Day is making waves on mobile apps, Steam, and social media. Game companies are putting the word out: ‘Buy, Play, Donate.’ It’s a call to arms, or rather, controllers, making it one of the gaming calendar’s most significant charity events.

So there you have it, G-LYFE Nation. Whether you’re in it for the Steam keys or just looking to give back, One Special Day’s got something for everyone. Keep it locked here for more updates on this and everything else in the gaming universe.

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