The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Update Introduces XV Mai Shiranui and XV Kula Diamond Fighters

Netmarble, a renowned developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has released an update for the popular mobile action RPG, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR. This update introduces two new fighters, battle cards, and a variety of in-game events for players to participate in.

The update brings two new playable fighters for players to choose from for battles:

  1. XV Mai Shiranui (Red Element /Defense type): Mai’s leader skill boosts Extreme Fighters’ ATK by a percentage and increases Burn damage. Her special skill grants her the Kunoichi of Fire effect for a period, with each stack enhancing her ATK, Critical hit rate, Critical damage, and active skill damage. This makes Mai a powerful unit that synergizes well with the rest of your party.
  2. XV Kula Diamond (Purple Element/Defense type): Kula’s leader skill increases Extreme fighters’ ATK and boosts Chill Damage. Her special skill makes her immune to Stun, Freeze, and Darkness, and triggers various effects upon landing an active skill on enemies with the Brrr state. Kula’s capabilities make her an excellent addition to teams with other purple element fighters, increasing overall durability.

In addition to the new fighters, battle cards have been released for XV Shiranui and XV Kula Diamond. XV Shiranui’s card increases attack speed for a certain time after using a skill, while XV Kula Diamond’s card increases critical damage for a period after using a skill.

Several in-game events are now available, offering special rewards for players:

  1. Team Relay Dungeon: Alexandrite – Players can form two teams of three players to attack Alexandrite, which has two different elements. Upon reaching specific damage thresholds, rewards, including valuable Common EX Memory items for awakening Extreme fighters, are distributed.
  2. Rush Dungeon: Mai Love Parade – Players can quickly progress through various levels to obtain event coins and acquire items such as set cards.
  3. Spring Celebration Puzzle Event – Puzzle pieces are awarded for playing various modes in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR. Once the puzzle is complete, players can exchange it for a special item to decorate their collection room.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR update offers players new fighters, battle cards, and engaging in-game events, providing an exciting and immersive gaming experience.

Platforms: Android, iOS

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