The Wizards Leaves Early Access with New Trailer and Screenshots

Carbon Studio is excited to announce that their action-adventure VR spellcaster The Wizards has just left Early Access. The full release of the game comes with new story chapters, epic boss fights, and empowered spells for the ultimate wizardry.

The Wizards is an award-winning VR spellcaster set in a fantasy world, where the player becomes a sorcerer and casts powerful spells with hand gestures to protect the kingdom from encroaching enemy forces. The game features acclaimed narration and voice acting by Jason Marnocha, a single player story campaign that offers several hours of gameplay, and Arena Mode with endless battles.

During seven months of Early Access, the developers more than doubled the amount of game content. With the full release, the players get access to three new story chapters, including epic boss fights and new cut scenes, that conclude the story campaign of The Wizards. The full release also brings Steam Achievements and “Master Enchantments” – powerful upgrades for all the spells in the game.

The full release version of The Wizards also looks prettier and runs smoother. Carbon Studio managed to highly optimize the game and increase its visual fidelity. The major and most visible difference is in the game’s lighting. Currently, all the spells in The Wizards cast dynamic lighting on the environment, creating memorable visual effects.

“We are grateful to everyone who trusted and supported us with invaluable feedback during Early Access. We are humbled that so many players joined us on this exciting adventure and we hope that the new content will meet our players’ expectations.”
Paweł Gajda, Manager at Carbon Studio

The journey for Carbon Studio is not over, though. In the upcoming months, the developers will focus on preparing a Playstation VR version of The Wizards, and during this process they will update PC VR version of The Wizards with fixes, improvements, and new content.

The Wizards is available on Steam, Oculus Store and Viveport, priced at $20. Playstation VR release of The Wizards is planned for later this year, with no exact release date just yet.

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