They Grow Up So Fast Expansion Hits Tales From the Loop RPG: Time to Level Up, Gamers!

Gather your crew, we’ve got some next-level stuff dropping today. Free League Publishing just launched their latest expansion for the Tales From the Loop RPG, called They Grow Up So Fast. If you’ve been itching for a retro-style, supernatural adventure, then listen up.

A New Questline Awaits

This expansion isn’t your typical side quest; it’s a four-part campaign set in the UK Loop of Norfolk Broads. Dive deep into new adventures where the stakes have never been higher. The kids in your RPG circle will face challenges that’ll push their limits and probably add a few XP along the way.

Friends, Foes, and Alternate Realities

Get ready to meet new characters from various sizes, forms, and even different worlds. Whether you’re on an “ordinary” camping trip that turns extraordinary or dealing with rifts in the sky, friendship and teamwork will be your greatest allies.

Seasonal Arcs Make For Year-Round Adventure

These four adventures can be standalone missions, but string ’em together, and you’ve got a year-long campaign covering all seasons. It’s a narrative arc that keeps on giving.

Additional Deets for Hardcore Fans

Not just stopping at adventures, the expansion dives into the Norfolk Broads Loop environment. Plus, it offers tips for adapting the campaign to the Swedish and US Loops. Oh, and let’s not forget the fresh art, maps, and handouts coming your way.

Award-Winning Background, Seriously!

Based on work by the legendary Simon Stålenhag, this RPG has snagged five Gold ENnie awards and has been recognized by The Verge, IO9, and Geek & Sundry for its distinct flair and nostalgic nods. If that’s not cred, what is?

Availability and Where to Cop

You can snag this expansion right now on the Free League webstore, or in hobby stores globally. For the digital nomads, it’s also available as a PDF on DriveThruRPG.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Critics and fans alike have sung praises. The game has been dubbed the channeler of vibes from hits like Stranger Things and E.T., bringing a mix of excitement and emotion that’s both fantastical and eerily realistic.

There you have it, gamers. Whether you’re new to Tales From the Loop or an OG fan, the They Grow Up So Fast expansion brings something to the table for everyone. Ready to roll?

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