Zombies Take Over PUBG Mobile in Version 2.8 Update: Unveils Hordes of New Challenges and Gear

New Event: Zombies’ Edge Takes Over Multiple Maps

Get ready to drop hot, gamers! PUBG Mobile’s new Version 2.8 Update scheduled for September 7th is straight fire. Zombies’ Edge will transform Erangel, Miramar, and Livik into Mutant-infested battlegrounds. The event runs until November 6th, giving you enough time to take on the undead and maybe snag some sweet loot.

World of Wonder Gets Spooky Upgrades

World of Wonder is also getting a major boost. A Creation Rating system and a new Zombie PvE template are among the new features you can expect. From player-created zombie scenarios to a more robust rating system, things are about to get a whole lot spookier.

Metro Royale and Cycle 5 Season 14: Fresh Content Alert

If the undead isn’t your thing, how about some classic battle royale action? Metro Royale Season 16 and Cycle 5 Season 14 are rolling out with new content, rewards, and cosmetics. A new Dagger melee weapon and other collectibles will keep things fresh for veterans and newcomers alike.

Zombies in Detail: New Enemies and Items

This update doesn’t just sprinkle in some zombies and call it a day, oh no! You’ll face three unique types of Zombies: regular Mutants, weapon-wielding Berserkers, and agile Rippers. Each has its own skill set and challenge level, so get your tactics on point.

Unlock New Abilities with Genetic Materials

Defeating these menacing Zombies isn’t just for bragging rights. They drop genetic materials that grant players enhanced abilities like Mutation Gauntlets for melee damage and Mutation Blade for slicing up enemies. It’s like the game just gave you cheat codes, but you’ve got to earn them.

Maglev Hoverboard: Land and Sea Travel Redefined

Traverse the infested lands and waters with the Maglev Hoverboard, an all-terrain vehicle you can score from Aerolith Lab. It’s your go-to for dodging zombies or simply getting to the play zone faster.

Collaboration Teaser: Get Ready for Some Big Names

In the pipeline are collaborations with a world-famous restaurant chain and a high-performance car brand. Keep those eyes peeled for the big reveals.

Special October Surprise

Love to party? PUBG Mobile has a surprise coming in early October, specifically tailored to celebrate Halloweeks. Details are sparse, but expect something that’ll make you want to drop everything and get in-game.

All said and done, the Version 2.8 Update is packing heat with Zombies, new gameplay mechanics, and collabs that will leave the gaming community buzzing. So, gear up and get ready to take on the new challenges PUBG Mobile has thrown into the mix.

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Platforms: iOS, Android

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