Troll And I Switch Review

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Troll and I from the launch trailer looked like it was the game I’ve been awaiting on for switch as there a is currently a lack of open world adventure games. I felt like it was going to be very unique with the idea of controlling a Troll and a person. Troll and I was already out on multiple platforms and the reviews were all really low scores but I still had a little hope, I thought to myself “of course they must have patched all the glitches for the switch version”. – I was wrong!

I started the game and I was greeted by a menu which looked ok except for the really badly designed troll and Otto (Otto is the I)! The hair was by far the worst part about the character design and it looked unfinished like one big texture. I then pressed start and a cut-scene started to play which was an old man talking to someone about finding a Troll in the woods. Then the wood burn down and you find out Otto’s mother was inside when it happened. Otto doesn’t know this yet however as he was tasked in finding tonight’s meal which was boar. You have to find spears and creep up on the boar to kill it but it wasn’t that easy, every time you went close to the boar it just runs off then you have to find it again. After eventually killing the boar you go home and find that your house is on fire and Otto does not know where his mother is. Then Otto quickly thinks on his feet and decides to fall down a massive cliff where trees and spikes are coming out of the wall. You have to then dodge all these obstacles as you fall and when you land you play a game of temple run jumping and sliding under trees and turning fast corners. The hit boxes on the fallen trees are unfair, you think you’ve moved enough to the right or left and a game over screen appears. Then you have to kill these weird goblin like creatures but I didn’t really know what they were due to them being that badly rendered.


After you kill the creatures you stumble across a little cave where there is a stove and food cooking. I don’t know if that was meant to symbolize the troll had been there but it definitely wouldn’t have fit in. You take the cooked food and jump over a brick wall, well it’s not that easy you have to wait for the prompt to appear and when it does be quick enough to press the button as it disappears very fast. You then stumble across a giant troll who you happen to become fiends with because feels sorry for you. This is where all the big glitches happen! Firstly you jump onto the troll and then realize its impossible to do anything with such a low frame rate. After that your head is stuck in wall and you are walking in thin air below the world then your game has just frozen and crashed. Not being defeated I loaded up the game again and resumed my play session starting where I met the Troll. It then prompted me to go over to a wall and climb up it which I thought would be easy considering the troll is massive and he should be able to climb anything with relative ease. I waited for the prompt to appear and pressed the button to start climbing and the trolls are lifted up and after 10 seconds of swinging. I started to realize this game is unplayable when I climbed further up the wall he was just going inside the wall and of course my game crashes again. I asked a few other people there opinion on the game they stated they had ran into worse issues.

I really wanted to enjoy this game and probably would have if Maximum Games had put in some effort for the switch version or at least patch the major issues.

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