League Of Evil Switch Review

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League of Evil is an action game where you, as a bionic super agent take on the mission to defeat the League of Evil. Use your acrobatic skills to punch your way through levels filled with deadly traps and defeat your enemies. If that doesn’t sound like a hardcore action packed thriller, i don’t know what will!

With 140 unique levels spread across 4 chapters there is a lot of single player content here. These levels aren’t easy however they take careful planning resulting in lots of deaths to beat and when I say lots of deaths I’m not using this term lightly. The single player levels start off easy but swiftly change from breezing through them too multiple deaths in a level. The levels are very short but don’t let the size fool you they are going to be hard and you cant complete them quickly. The levels include lots of different layouts and hazards which include lasers, swinging hammers and electric spikes. If you want an added challenge there is a briefcase in every level which serves as a cool collectible but doesn’t effect anything if you don’t get it. If you get a fast enough time you will earn 3 stars but if you want the briefcase you most likely have to play the level twice due to the fact you wont get a fast enough time. The briefcase is normally out of your way so you have to risk it all because still have to complete the level after collecting it. To finish a level you have to knock the scientists heads off by punching them in the face.


The controls are tight but some of the hit boxes on objects I found to be slightly off. The were a lot of instances where I was wall jumping past the sliding shavers as I call them and it appeared I was clear to jump near them but I died. I don’t know weather this was me misjudging the distance and speed of my character and sliding shaver or the hit boxes but it happen multiple times and I wanted to bring it up. The controls are basic however there is only 2 buttons and the joystick or D-Pad. One of the buttons is for jumping and the other for dashing or punching. You can double jump as well to cover more height and distance which you will need to clear a bed of spikes or a wall of lasers. You use you’re punching dash to kill the troopers patrolling the stage or to disable a wall mounted gun. This comes in very handy if you want to get a fast run as you can double jump and then dash. Talk about fast runs this game is perfect for speed runners and I hope people  create levels there is so much potential in this game.

You can create your own levels and download others which is great they can get very challenging which literally takes 100’s of attempts to beat. You can also go very in depth in strategies of how to shave off milliseconds and get a faster time. Mario Maker on the Wii U has a very strong fan base with level creators and amazing speed runners and I believe League Of Evil has the potential to develop a similar type of cult following. The soundtrack in this game is great but when you keep replaying a level over and over again I had to mute the music it’s a bit catchy and easy to get stuck in your head. The retro graphics compliment the game greatly you don’t want anything to fancy in a game that your meant to speed run it needs to be simple and have fluid game-play. There is not much to the story apart from you know you are a bionic super agent who has been tasked to defeat the league of evil. It’s not like an in depth story would add anything to the game, its about the game-play like I stated before. The game is endless really and there is user created content uploaded all the time some levels are incredibly hard some easy the replay-ability is excellent.


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