Unleash Hellish Challenges in “Hell of An Office” Work from Hell Update

Prepare to delve deeper into the inferno as “Hell of An Office” releases its highly anticipated “Work from Hell” update. Developed by 43 Studios and published by Joystick Ventures, this satanic speedrunning first-person platformer takes players to new levels of hellish excitement. Available now on Steam Early Access for PC, the Work from Hell update introduces a host of fresh mechanics and 10 scorching levels to test the skills of even the most daring players. Join the employees of HellO Corporation as they navigate the Remote Work Void, braving demonic challenges and aiming for the coveted Employee of the Month title.

A Fiery Journey through the Remote Work Void

The seventh level of the inferno, Hell 07, unveils the Remote Work Void as the latest setting in “Hell of An Office.” Embrace the demonic ambiance of this homey hellscape as you sprint for survival through 10 intense levels. Explore the new surroundings and discover a fresh tool that will aid you on your treacherous journey. Along the way, keep an eye out for two new stapler skins to customize your experience in this hellish realm.

Bouncing Pillows and Perilous Challenges

Within the Remote Work Void, players will encounter the innovative Bouncing Pillows mechanic. Jump onto these cushions strategically placed throughout the levels and experience a trampoline-like effect, propelling you towards marked landing spots. However, be cautious of the boiling coffee lake below. Mastery of the Bouncing Pillows skill is crucial to avoid a scorching demise. Utilize the floating cushions and home furniture drifting in the brown sludge to propel yourself to victory.

A White-Knuckled Speedrunning Experience

“Hell of An Office” is not for the faint of heart. With its fast-paced gameplay and challenging levels, it offers endless replayability. Each level presents an opportunity to master controls, create custom routes, and set new records. Spend hours perfecting your techniques and speed through the stages with the goal of reaching the top of the leaderboards. No stage can ever be completely mastered, as there are always new records to beat and higher ranks to achieve.

Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon

Once you have climbed to the top of the ranks, continue your pursuit of excellence by consistently setting new lap time standards. Defeat previous records and unlock unique stapler skins as a testament to your skills. Discover innovative routes to maximize your pace in each stage and, if you’re lucky, uncover secret promotions or the legendary Diamond Rank time.

Embark on a Hellish Adventure

Immerse yourself in the devilishly challenging world of “Hell of An Office” available now on Steam Early Access for $14.99 USD. With English language support, you can join the HellO Corporation employees and embark on a journey filled with fiery obstacles and intense competition. Prepare to test your speedrunning skills, conquer the Remote Work Void, and embrace the chaos of “Hell of An Office.” Check out the previous update here.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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