UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series Tournament Schedule

Tune into the UNO! Mobile’s star-studded debut competitive tournament at 4 pm PT today!

UNO! Mobile is launching its first-ever competitive tournament today, starring some of Twitch and Youtube’s biggest gaming and esports celebrities.

The series spectacular marks the beginning of UNO! Mobile developer Mattel163’s endeavour to create uniquely accessible mobile esports. Starting at 4 pm PT today, fans of UNO and competitive gaming alike can tune in to see their favourite gaming personalities +4 their way into the grand final on August 26th, 2022 with a solid gold UNO card up for grabs for the winner!

The UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: All-Star tournament will take place in a 2v2 format. To give the game an all-new competitive spin, special rules will be in play to keep even the best UNO players on their toes. Teammates will be able to see each other’s cards, and if one player wins, they both win. The 16-star gamers will need to strategize together to win.

Amongst the action, fans watching the tournament within the UNO! The mobile app will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite players exclusively in the UNO! Mobile app. The top four voted-for streamers will automatically secure their place in the final.

In the grand final, all bonds are broken, and we will witness a free-for-all among the best of the best. The winner from this final game will take home the one-of-a-kind, solid gold UNO card.

Week One: August 12th, 4 pm PT, hosted by Ludwig and Gojj

  • Featuring:
    • Wynnsanity X Destini Gaming vs Orange Juice X Bentimm1
    • Valkyrae X Sykkuno vs CouRage X QTCinderella

Week Two: August 19th at 4 pm PT, hosted by Ludwig and Gojj

  • Featuring:
    • ThesaurusPG X BellaFox vs ThisIsChris X Kashman
    • BobbyPlays X NoahFromYT vs Lilypichu X kkatamina

Grand Finale: August 26th at 4 pm PT

    • Featuring:
    • The winning pair from each week, and the four top voted-for streamers

All the creators listed above will broadcast their live stream on their own channels, alongside the UNO! Mobile official YouTube channel. The full tournament live streams will also be accessible on this playlist from the channel. Fans can also watch and vote for their favourite players in the UNO! Mobile app.

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