VR Rhythm Hit Synth Riders is Dancing Into Oculus Quest on October 31st

Kluge Interactive is happy to announce that their VR rhythm game Synth Riders is leaving Early Access and coming to the Oculus Quest on October 31st.

Synth Riders is a VR rhythm game in which dancing is not optional but crucial for those who want to climb to the top of the leaderboard. It invites the players on an immersive ​journey inside the music and lets them feel the groove as their arms soar when riding the unique rail system. The carefully crafted beat maps in Synth Riders activate the whole body to offer a solid and enjoyable workout.


Since June last year, Synth Riders has gathered 95% of positive reviews on Steam and built up an active community of content creators, modders and song mappers. During the Early Access the developer, driven by the feedback from the players, introduced dozens of improvements and more than doubled the number of available songs. The game also received an official open-sourced Beatmap Editor that continuously keeps improving in the close cooperation of fans and developers.


It’s truly magical when the love for a game brings thousands of people together to form a community, then causes them to ask: “This is great, how can we contribute ourselves to make the game even better?” The Synth Riders community has spent countless hours pouring their hearts out in so many creative ways, and we can’t wait to see where it goes next.

– Brian Elliott Tate, Community Manager at Kluge Interactive


The Oculus Quest version of Synth Riders will offer:

  • 30 varied songs and new top artists added regularly
  • 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Master
  • 7 diverse hand-designed environments with new ones coming soon
  • Varied game modes (regular, boxing, endurance, force)
  • Brand new Oculus Quest social integration
  • Official Beatmap Editor
  • Multiplayer and Global Leaderboards coming soon
  • Exclusive “Into the Void (Synth Riders Edit)” song by Celldweller

Synth Riders will come to the ​Oculus Quest Store on October 31st priced at $16.99. On that day, the game will also get the full release update on ​Steam (including WMR headsets), Oculus Rift Store​, and ​Viveport​, priced at $19.99.

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