Weekly Update #2

Welcome to another installment of the not-so-weekly update. We took a nice break over the holidays to keep ourselves fresh and we came back in and did exactly what we needed to do last night. Our core guys got a lot of loot and some fresh faces showed their stuff. Overall, I’m very satisfied with our prospects moving forward. That being said, there are some things I’d like to address as we move into the new raid week.

Guild Ranks and What They Mean

Right now, you’ve probably noticed there are some things that have been shifting around with the ranks as far as raider ranks are concerned. The big change is that we’re separating the people that we know are high caliber raiders with good attendance from the people that we haven’t been able to properly trial and separate those people from the people who have interest in raiding but haven’t the means to commit to a raid schedule. Moving forward, there will be 3 ranks for raiders, each with their own perks and requirements.

  • Core Raiders: The main raiders of our group. They get priority for loot and priority for invites. As such, they must maintain their attendance to have this priority. Anyone in this rank that misses more than 3 raids in a month without prior warning will be returned to a trial rank and need to go back through the trial process.
  • Core Trials: These raiders have shown that they are ready for higher level raiding and are vying for a core position in the guild. In order to gain this rank, you must attend a trial raid on Tuesday and perform well enough to be granted a higher level. After obtaining this rank, you must raid for 6 consecutive raids (2 weeks) without missing to be promoted to a Core Raider. Core Trials will have 2nd priority for gear in raids.
  • Raid Prospects: This rank is for people who may not be able to come to raid all the time but are interested in raiding when they can. There is no special requirement for this rank other than being interested in raiding. As these raiders are not dedicated to the group, they are not given any special priority for loot. If no core or trial raider needs an item, a raid prospect will have the chance to get the item.

If there are any questions about this, please do contact an officer for more information. There are 7 of us now and the chances that someone will be online are very good.

Loot Systems, Nonsense & Necessity

In our raids, we use EPGP to distribute loot to our raiders. This is an effort to speed up the loot process which, under normal circumstances, can take a long time to do. As such, it’s extremely important that everyone have the addon installed and ready to use prior to the beginning of the raid. If you don’t have EPGP installed, you will not be eligible for loot. Moving forward there will be no exceptions to this rule. I will be making a post especially for EPGP to explain it better and make sure everyone understands the concepts. For reference, there are questions and answers in the FAQ tab on the home page.

Our Leaders and What They Do

We’ve noticed there may be some questions as to what roles our leadership performs in the community. With the exception of a couple people, it may not be super obvious. I wanted to take an opportunity to explain our leadership roles so everyone knows that we don’t just have a bunch of officers with no jobs.

  • Azubuu: Guild Leader, Raid Leader, Community Manager
    Hi, that’s me. I lead the guild into battle for raids and schedule the events that we do with the help of our officers. I also manage this part of the GamingLyfe community to ensure that it not only meets my standards but also meets the standards of being a GamingLyfe community.
  • Papaganja & Matadork: Recruitment Officers
    These guys are the ones who pull you into the guild and ask if you’re interested in raiding. If you’re interested in being a part of our raid team, you’ll want to talk to them. They’ll be able to tell you what to do and when to do it so that you’re ready to go when the time comes.
  • Nicoe & Greasywarlok: Class Officers, Improvement Specialists
    Nicoe and Greasy are two of our best DPS in the raid and that’s not just because of the class they play (which is garbage). They know their stuff and spend lots of time theorycrafting, looking at stat weights and rotations. They do this for more than just their class too. If we see people that need to improve their game, you may be contacted by one of these individuals. Please do respect and understand that they are intended to provide constructive criticism to help you improve.
  • Strangecraft: Guild Banker, Mythic+ Slave
    Strange is the newest addition to our officer roster. He makes flasks, potions, and terrible jokes. He manages the bank and what goes into and comes out of it. If you have questions about getting flasks or potions, he can provide the answers. As a melee DPS, he can also provide advice on better performing in raids for our melee friends.
  • Hellasnapz: Permanent Prospect, PVP Officer
    Hellasnapz, along with Papaganja will be heading up our PVP side of GamingLyfe once it starts to take off. If you have questions about PVP related events or have interest in leading one of these events on the weekends when they start, these are the guys you want to talk to. Right now, PVP isn’t a huge focus for us so there won’t be any immediate need. But Hella also comes in as the 7th voice in the forum of decision-making.

Any of these officers have the authority to act as I would in events that transpire in guild chat. That means of someone’s being a scumbag or racist or any of the things that are against our rules, they are expected to mediate and take action if action is required.


This post was mostly just an update to get some of our thoughts into print. There will be weekly updates now that we’re back from vacation. Expect them every Wednesday along with other important updates. This week, our focus will be clearing Helya on Heroic (something we should have done a long time ago) and then shifting our focus onto Mythic Ursoc and Elerethe. It’s an exciting time to be a part of GamingLyfe! As always, if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out if they’re not answered on the FAQ here.

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