Acer Predator X38 UltraWide Gaming Monitor Review

Acer's Flagship gaming monitor the Predator X38 Curved 37.5" UltraWide QHD+ priced at $1691.54. Top of the food chain technology featuring a 4K display with Esports quality performance. That being said I do think the Predator X28 is priced a little high I would like to see it between $1400 - $1500 MSRP. The bottom line is you can't really say anything bad about this beast of a monitor.
  • Brilliant color
  • Esports quality performance
  • Easy to use on-screen display
  • So many pixels
  • Priced just a tad high
Performance - 10
Design - 10
Picture Quality - 10
Ease of Use - 10
Price - 7

You hear mixed opinions about the big manufacturer’s niche gaming brands like Predator, Legion, Alienware, etc. You will hear quotes like “Paying for the name” or “Better to build it yourself”. But I can say as an Acer Predator Z35 owner of the last 4 years, it has brought my GLYFE nothing but joy and conquest. Now 4 years later we look at Acer’s new flagship model the Predator X38 Curved 37.5″ UltraWide QHD+ priced at $1691.54.

So, we are literally at the highest point of gaming monitor technology today with the X38. If you want to be able to push this UltraWide to max frames you will need the top end of current GPU technology. Even then you might not be able to push max frames consistently. However, we did test it with a 1080ti alongside an RTX 3080 for all the people out there having trouble getting a new card in their hands due to the shortage. First let us do a brief overview of the specifications, I feel some of the language might even confuse the smartest of “techies” out there. Keep in mind most of these cutting-edge features are newly patent technology created by Acer.

The X38 panel size is gargantuan boasting a 37.5″ UltraWide QHD+ (3840 x 1600) panel. Sitting next to the older Z35 the panel itself does not appear to be much bigger, but the number of pixels the X38 displays is over 4 times the amount of a standard 1080p UltraWide. IT’S ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE. One of the main issues with IPS panels in the recent past was bad response time. This of course for a competitive gamer means everything. “Agile-Splendor IPS” refers to the technology that allows the Predator X38 to achieve a 1ms response time on an IPS panel utilizing liquid crystal technology. 2300R is the depth of the curve itself which is set perfectly, once you go UltraWide curved you never go back. All this madness on a panel that can achieve Esports standard refresh rates up to 175Hz. Any other spec related to the panel is moot, the bottom line is this is one of the most brilliant displays on the planet today.

Aside from the panel, the X38 has a slew of upgrades from its predecessors. A sleek upgraded ZeroFrame Design which is the ultra-thin frame technology wrapping the panel. The entire frame of the monitor has been reduced in size and weight. It also includes a great set of 7-watt speakers for when you are out of the headset. Ports include 1 x Display Port 1.4, 1 x HDMI v2.0, Audio Out & 4 x USB 3.0. The Predator GameView on-screen display (OSD) software has 8 preset modes for those of you who just want to set it and forget it. Flickerless technology eliminates any chance for noticeable flicker by utilizing a constant stable power supply. Finally, Bluelightshield technology gives you 4 filter settings in the OSD that help eliminate blue lights and reduce eyestrain. Yes, we are still talking about a monitor here not SpaceX technology.

In the end, we are talking about the absolute top end of current monitor technology so you can expect a hefty price tag. $1691.54 to be exact but worth every penny. As of right now, there are only a few monitors on the market to compare the Predator X38 to because they are that insane. I would say the Alienware 38 Nano IPS would be the most comparable which recently had a price drop from $1899.99 to $1424.99. While there are some minor differences, comparing them is like trying to shave milliseconds off a lap time. That being said I do think the Predator X28 is priced a little high I would like to see it between $1400 – $1500 MSRP. The bottom line is you can’t really say anything bad about this beast of a monitor. Just being real though… “It’s the dopest monitor we have ever gamed on.”

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