Animation Style Adventure Game CLeM Takes Center Stage with Iceberg Interactive Publishing Deal

Iceberg Interactive and Mango Protocol are partnering up to launch the intriguing adventure game, CLeM. This game, set to release on PC and Nintendo Switch, is not just another addition to the gaming industry. With its unique blend of puzzles, adventure, and an engaging plot known as “Puzzlevania,” CLeM aims to provide a mesmerizing gaming experience.

The World of Puzzlevania in CLeM

CLeM invites players into a realm where puzzles don’t just provide challenge but blend with exploration to form a narrative journey. Mango Protocol’s expertise in creating unique games shines through in CLeM’s distinctive art style and innovative combination of genres.

Gamers will navigate through a fascinating world filled with enigmatic characters and mysteries that spark both intellect and imagination. The journey through CLeM is not just a game; it’s an adventurous experience that stands apart from the crowd.

A Sneak Peek at Gamescom Event

Adding to the anticipation, CLeM is set to make a significant appearance at this year’s Gamescom event. The game will be on display at the Indie Arena Booth, where attendees can take a firsthand look at its captivating gameplay and distinctive visual aesthetics.

The demo of CLeM will provide players with a sneak peek into this puzzlevania adventure, offering a taste of the mysteries and challenges that await in the full game.

Iceberg Interactive and Mango Protocol: A Strategic Partnership

The partnership between Iceberg Interactive, a leading video game publisher, and Mango Protocol, a game development studio known for its innovative approach, speaks volumes about their shared vision for gaming. Both companies aim to provide unique and captivating experiences to gamers worldwide, and their collaboration on CLeM is a testament to that commitment.

With a focus on innovation, creativity, and a distinctive puzzle-wrapped mystery adventure, CLeM is gearing up to be a notable addition to the gaming world. The combined efforts of Iceberg Interactive and Mango Protocol have birthed a game that promises to charm players with its unique gameplay mechanics and enthralling story.

Puzzlevania More

CLeM, with its “Puzzlevania” style, is not just another game but a creative piece that fuses different genres into an immersive experience. Its showcase at the upcoming Gamescom event adds to the excitement, offering a glimpse into what seems to be a must-play adventure. With Iceberg Interactive’s publishing support, CLeM seems all set to embark on a journey that promises to captivate and challenge gamers across PC and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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