BLAST Premier & A Power Pair-Up for 2024

Skin Trading and Esports Collide in Epic 2024 Season Collaboration

BLAST Premier’s New Season Ally:

BLAST Premier, a titan in the esports arena, has just inked a groundbreaking deal with, stepping into the 2024 season with a fresh global partnership. This alignment positions as the go-to Official Skin Trading Partner for BLAST Premier’s entire 2024 lineup, spanning from the Spring Groups in January to the climax of the $1 million World Final in November.

Integrating Worlds:’s Reach in BLAST Premier isn’t just tagging along for the ride; it’s set to be woven into the very fabric of BLAST Premier. From broadcast integrations, both physical and digital, to exclusive segments at the broadcast desk and a presence in social media campaigns, is going all-in. Gamers at BLAST’s arena events can also look forward to’s booth, a hub for in-person experiences throughout the year.

Perks for the Community: Skins Galore

Here’s a treat for the BLAST community – will host skin giveaways aligned with Premier events. Get ready to grab some of Counter-Strike’s coolest skins and add them to your collection.

From the Decision-Makers: What This Partnership Means

Alexander Lewin, BLAST’s VP of Distribution and Programming, highlights the significance of this partnership. With BLAST Premier’s expansion to a 16-team tournament format,’s integration marks an exciting evolution. This collaboration reaches across 150+ territories in 27 languages, promising events in iconic cities like London and Copenhagen.

Jimi Gecelter, CEO at, emphasizes the blend of technology and esports. This partnership is a testament to their dedication to innovation and excellence. Aiming to revolutionize skin trading for Counter-Strike 2 players, and BLAST are setting new benchmarks in the esports landscape.

A Brief Look at Skins in Counter-Strike

Since 2013, tradable skins have been a dynamic element of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These skins, evolving with Counter-Strike 2, offer players unique weapon designs, enhancing their gaming experience. This trend has only escalated over the years, making this partnership a timely and strategic move.

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