Escape Simulator Expands with New Magic DLC

Unlock the Mysteries: Magic DLC Adds a Spellbinding Twist to Escape Simulator

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Delve into Enchantment with the Latest Addition for Puzzle Enthusiasts

Escape Simulator, a popular puzzle game that offers an optionally co-operative experience, has introduced a new downloadable content (DLC) pack focused on the theme of magic. Dubbed the Magic DLC, it is now available for purchase on Steam priced at $4.99 / €4,99. To celebrate the launch, a limited-time 10% discount is being offered.

A Magical Journey Awaits

The Magic DLC is designed to cater to both seasoned practitioners of magic and newcomers to the arcane arts. It introduces players to a variety of magical challenges and environments. Starting with a visit to the Magic Shop, players can equip themselves with enchanted items, mysterious tomes, and enchanted candy to aid in their escapades.

Mastering Time and Potions

The adventure continues in the Chronomany Hall, where players will navigate through puzzles involving the manipulation of time and uncovering secrets within a timeline. Following this temporal challenge, the Greenhouse awaits, offering lessons in potion making. The journey culminates in the Divination Towers, where the focus shifts to foresight and escaping by interpreting signs of the future.

Special Offers and Discounts

In conjunction with the release of the Magic DLC, Escape Simulator’s base game is available at a 34% discount, marking the highest sale since its launch. Additionally, discounts are available for the game’s soundtrack at 25% off, as well as for previously released Steampunk and Wild West DLCs, both at 10% off. These offers provide an excellent opportunity for new and returning players to dive deeper into the world of Escape Simulator at a reduced cost.

Explore the Arcane

The Magic DLC for Escape Simulator invites players to test their wizarding skills and escape from a series of enchanting challenges. Whether you’re a fan of puzzles, magic, or both, this new content adds a mystical layer to the escape room experience, encouraging players to explore, solve, and escape using their magical abilities.

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Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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