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League of Legends’ newest champion, K’Sante the Pride of Nazumah, is now available on PBE (Public Beta Environment). He will be fully available to players in patch 12.21 on November 3rd, 2022, amidst the height of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship Finals.

K’Sante also has the honor of receiving League’s first artist partnership skin in the form of Prestige Empyrean K’Sante. Co-designed with artist and global superstar Lil Nas X, the skin is part of a multi-faceted partnership between him and Riot Games in celebration of Worlds 2022.

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A mighty guardian wielding weapons forged from an apex predator he once slayed, K’Sante is a hero of his people, dominating fights with keen judgment and defiant fire. His weapons may appear defensive at first, but given the right moment, he can transform them into lethal blades, taking down giant foes others dare not approach. In-game, K’Sante is a top, tank champion, focusing on saving allies from harm, before picking out the monstrous threat on the enemy team, defiantly smashing them through a wall to duel them.

Defiant and courageous, K’Sante battles colossal beasts and ruthless Ascended to protect his home of Nazumah, a coveted oasis amid the sands of Shurima. But after a falling-out with his former partner, K’Sante realizes that in order to become a warrior worthy of leading his city, he must temper his single-minded drive for success. Only then can he avoid falling prey to his own pride and find the wisdom he needs to defeat the vicious monsters threatening his people.

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Previously announced as the President of League of Legends, Lil Nas X co-designed in collaboration with Riot Games the Prestige Edition of K’Sante’s launch skin, Empyrean K’Sante. Lil Nas X’s “Prestige Empyrean K’Sante” skin debuts today on PBE (Public Beta Environment) along with the champion and will be released on November 3 worldwide (unlockable until November 14). The in-game skin will not be available for direct purchase, but earnable through playing League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics games during the Worlds 2022 in-game event. Players will have to earn in-game currency (2,000 Worlds 2022 tokens) to permanently unlock the skin. Following Riot Games’ first in-game partnership with Louis Vuitton, Lil Nas X’s Prestige Skin is League’s first co-designed artist in-game collaboration, giving players an opportunity to celebrate this unforgettable partnership with a one-of-a-kind skin.

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Passive – Dauntless Instinct

K’Sante’s damaging abilities mark enemies for a short duration. Attacking a marked enemy consumes the mark to deal damage plus max health physical damage.

All Out: Attacking a marked enemy instead deals physical damage and additional max health true damage.

Q – Ntofo Strikes

K’Sante slams his weapon, dealing physical damage and briefly Slowing targets hit. If an enemy is hit, K’Sante gains a stack for a short duration. At two stacks, K’Sante instead fires a shockwave that pulls enemies

All Out: This ability’s cooldown is reduced and no longer slows

W – Path Maker

Begin Charging: K’Sante raises his weapons defensively for a short duration becoming Unstoppable, and reducing incoming damage.

Release: K’Sante rams forward, dealing a percentage of max health physical damage, Knocking Back, and Stunning enemies he passes through for a short duration based on charge time.

All Out: This ability’s cooldown is refreshed, damage taken reduction is increased, deals an additional amount of physical damage based on charge time, and the charge and dash speed are doubled.

E – Footwork

K’Sante dashes, gaining a shield for a short duration. If dashing to an ally, the distance is significantly increased and they are also Shielded. Other abilities can be cast during Footwork.

All Out: This ability’s dash speed is increased. Dashing to a targeted location has increased range and can go over walls.

R – All Out

K’Sante shatters his ntofos, dealing physical damage and Knocking Back an enemy champion. Enemies that hit a wall will instead take a greater amount of physical damage, are Knocked Back over the wall, and are briefly Stunned. K’Sante then dashes after the enemy and goes All Out for an extended duration.

All Out: K’Sante loses a percentage of max health, bonus armor, and bonus magic resistance. K’Sante gains attack damage, omnivamp, and transforms his abilities.

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