New “State of Play” Lands Thursday From PlayStation

Sony’s previous “State of Play” aired back on March 25th for the very first time. It was a little rough as the company has never done something like this before, especially when compared to what they usually produce for E3 or “PlayStation Experience” (and also clocked-in at nearly 20 minutes). Sony announced the next “State of Play” for today … Thursday, May 9th. Take a look below to get a sneak peek at what Sony will be showing off and discussing this time.

“Hi all! Excited to share that the State of Play will return for a new episode Thursday, May 9 at 3:00 PM Pacific Time. It’ll be a quick show (around 10 minutes), but we’ve got some PS4 updates we couldn’t wait to share with you.”

“PlayStation Worldwide Studios will be showing off an extended look at MediEvil as well as the first look at a new title. And we’ll have other updates and announcements for upcoming PS4 games.”

“One note: Don’t expect any updates relating to our next-generation plans this time. Sorry!”

As stated above, we will be getting an extended look at MediEvil. We haven’t really heard much since it was announced at PSX in 2017 … all we know is that it will release this year so hopefully we’ll have a release date announced soon. However, I’m hoping that they announce that both MediEvil games will be in one complete package as these games were a blast to play back on the original PlayStation console.

As far as the first look at a new title is concerned, I’m actually curious as to what it could be. There have been a few rumblings here and there online over past few weeks as to what it could be but we won’t know for sure until this afternoon. Personally, I would like it to be a new title in the RPG or action-adventure genre but whatever it is, let’s look forward to it! As to what else they will show off, I’m kind of hoping there will be a bit of an update on Marvel’s Iron Man VR. Reactions were surprising as some people were guessing that it was another on-rails shooter but it turned out to be the exact opposite, so I’m hoping we hear more on the development of that game and have a release date.

Lastly, as Sony said, don’t expect any next-generation news from them right now. The information that Mark Cerny revealed to Wired is enough information for the time being. When will Sony be ready to share more on the latest console? Well, there is a chance that they will be discussing it a little bit at in Germany or at least during their own PSX convention later this year. So, as they stated, “Don’t expect any updates relating to the next-generation plans this time.”

Tune in via PlayStation’s YouTube channel, Twitch channel, Facebook page, and Twitter account at 3:00 PM Pacific / 4:00 PM Mountain / 5:00 PM Central / 6:00 PM Eastern. We’ll be covering everything for anyone who missed it right here at

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