SMITE Ushers in Season of Celebration with Odyssey: Immortal Revelry and New Conquest Map

Odyssey: Immortal Revelry—A Divine Bash for SMITE Year 10

Gamers, assemble! SMITE Year 10 is here and kicking off with Odyssey: Immortal Revelry, a months-long event that promises a feast of high-quality God skins. The first day of the event showcases 3 new skins, now available for acquisition. For those wanting to secure the whole package, the Buy All option allows preordering of all event items, unlocking the collection reward, Dragonshifter Medusa, instantly.

The Gorgon from Greek lore, Medusa takes center stage with her Unlimited ‘Tier 5’ skin, boasting 3 unique forms, each flaunting a different character model and FX. Not just a fresher look, Odyssey: Immortal Revelry also brings back fan-favorite skins from past events—a solid nod to the game’s decade-long journey. Additionally, the event offers the flexibility to unlock either Dragonshifter Medusa or other iconic collection reward skins from previous Odysseys.

Season of Celebration Conquest Map: A Revitalized Battleground

As the Season of Souls concludes, SMITE’s most competitive mode, Conquest, takes a vibrant turn. The Season of Celebration Conquest Map infuses nature and life into the scenery, featuring a sprawling willow tree and a colorful setting. But that’s not all; tribal masks and mystical jars are strewn about the Jungle, adding depth to the visual narrative.

Unique gameplay elements accompany the visual upgrade. Shamans make their first appearance, setting camp in the Jungle. Defeating them unlocks Spirit Totems, offering up to five new ways to buff up Jungle gameplay for the whole match. Fans will be pleased to know the clash of the Unleashed Titans is sustained, becoming even more unyielding as Titans now venture out of base for a second showdown if the match extends.

Adding a tactical layer to the map, the Fire Giant reclaims his space, making it more susceptible to ambushes. Moreover, a new item type called Recipes spices up item builds. Players can select a free Recipe, like the Bountiful Bao or Sturdy Stew, and progress through steps to unlock beneficial bonuses.

Celebration Event: Daily Gifts Await Players

It’s a full-on fiesta in SMITE! Running until September 11, the Celebration Event brings daily gifts to the player community. Participation is easy: play a match and claim a reward. The loot ranges from Jump Stamps and Global Emotes to a new skin, Ebon Knight Lancelot, attainable after securing 6 daily rewards.

SMITE Expands Avatar Universe with New Additions and Arena Updates

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna, Mac operating systems

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