Super League Gaming, the world’s premier amateur esports company, and Red Bull North America announced today they are joining forces to create Red Bull All-Stars, an elite showcase for the top competitors from Super League’s third season of the League of Legends City Champs tournament. Taking place on June 23, 2018 in Santa Monica at Red Bull’s esports studio, Red Bull All-Stars will provide a national stage for the most accomplished five-person teams from Super League’s City Champs tournament. Each of Super League’s four City Champs divisions will be represented, with teams battling to prove who is the best League of Legends 5-vs-5 group among Super League’s ranks.

In order to advance to Red Bull All-Stars, teams participated in Super League’s League of Legends City Champs – a four-division, sixteen-city national competition in which up to twelve five-person teams per city battled against other cities to become the national champion. Each group of teams belongs to one of Super League Gaming’s sixteen branded City Clubs. Only the top 5-person team from each of the four divisions (Seattle Siege – West Division, Dallas Dynamite – Central Division, Miami Menace – East 1 Division and Tampa Bay Dungeoneers – East 2 Division) qualified for Red Bull All-Stars, where they will face off in a bracketed tournament consisting of rounds of best-of-3-matches.

“Part of Super League’s mission is to enable aspiring amateur gamers to engage in competitions that mirror the professional experience, which require exceptional teamwork, strategic thinking and effective communication, in addition to high level gameplay skills,” said Ann Hand, CEO of Super League Gaming. “Partnering with Red Bull allows us to raise the bar and continue to advance our mission of becoming a true minor league for esports.”

“Amateur competition is an important cornerstone of all sports. Super League’s All-Star tournament, along with Red Bull’s involvement, represents a new milestone that all League of Legends players can aspire to compete in North America,” said Chris Wyatt, Program Lead for Riot Games. “We look forward to watching the All-Stars come together and test their skills in this exciting event.”

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