Super Storm and Gen.G Forge Epic Alliance to Unleash Storm Striker in North America

Groundbreaking Partnership Aims to Revolutionize Esports Landscape with Unique Gaming Experiences

Super Storm and Gen.G: A Power Duo

Storm Striker’s NA Debut: A Game-Changer

Video game developer Super Storm, and global gaming and esports titan Gen.G, have teamed up to launch Storm Striker in North America. This strategic move follows their successful collaboration in the APAC region. Combining forces, they aim to capture new audiences and build a robust gaming community. The partnership revolves around leveraging Gen.G’s collegiate connections to enhance community engagement and develop a competitive esports strategy.

Storm Striker: Hyper-Action Gaming Redefined

Storm Striker, a high-octane 5v5 game, blurs the lines between FPS, action, and MOBA elements. This fusion results in an energetic, team-oriented gaming experience. The North American leg of the partnership will commence with a stream by Becca “Aspen” Rukavina, an ex-Overwatch semi-pro, now turned streamer. In addition, Gen.G and Super Storm aim to expand Storm Striker’s English-speaking Discord community, while also organizing college gaming club events and tailoring community contests to boost gameplay time.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Esports’ Future

Youngkook Kim, Lead Producer at Super Storm Studios, shared, “We developed Storm Striker to be the vanguard of the next esports generation, originating from Korea – the esports heartland. Partnering with Gen.G brings us the insight and marketing prowess needed to make a global impact.”

During Storm Striker’s early development, Gen.G’s educational network offered valuable feedback through focus groups. Both Gen.G’s Global Academy (KR) and its affiliated Collegiate Gaming clubs (US) tested the game, contributing to its development with their real-time insights.

Gen.G’s Global Vision for Storm Striker

Martin Kim, Chief Revenue Officer at Gen.G, expressed enthusiasm, “Our global partnership with Storm Striker is a thrilling venture. Leveraging our educational resources to provide early development feedback lays the groundwork for this collaboration. We are committed to its global success, envisioning it as a future esports frontrunner.”

What’s Next: Immersive Gameplay Events

In the coming months, Gen.G and Super Storm are set to launch several gameplay events, including a “Try-Me” Event, an Intercollegiate Esports Tournament, and a Playtime Reward Event. Storm Striker is now available worldwide on Steam, poised to make waves in the gaming community.

With this strategic alliance, Storm Striker is not just a game; it’s a growing esports phenomenon, ready to take the North American gaming scene by storm. Stay tuned for more updates and gameplays from the dynamic world of Storm Striker!

Platform: Microsoft Windows

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