Tennis Clash and Australian Open: Power Serve in 2024 Update

Wildlife Studios and Tennis Australia's Fresh Take on Virtual Tennis

Game On: Tennis Clash’s Latest Update

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Today, Wildlife Studios dropped the news of their ongoing partnership with Tennis Australia for the Australian Open 2024. Gamers, gear up as Tennis Clash is set to deliver a new wave of in-game features. With the real-world Australian Open lined up from January 14-28, Tennis Clash is matching the hype with a virtual counterpart.

Stats Speak: Last Year’s Gameplay Figures

Reflecting on 2023, Tennis Clash witnessed a whopping 1.6 million matches played, with over 154,000 unique players diving into the Australian Open-themed virtual courts. That’s no small feat in the gaming realm!

What’s New? Australian Open 2024 Edition

This year’s update isn’t just a rehash. Here’s the scoop:

  • Replica Rod Laver Arena: Experience the main court of the Australian Open.
  • Fresh Gear: New branded outfits and themed bags.
  • AO String Redux: The popular Australian Open String makes a comeback.

Introducing AO Tokens and Grand Tour

Gear up for two novel game mechanics:

  • AO Tokens: Earn these new in-game currencies across multiple game modes, unlocking exclusive gear.
  • AO Grand Tour: A brand-new progression system, rotating themes and branded arenas, kicks off after players complete the first nine Tours.

The Collaboration Buzz

Machar Reid from Tennis Australia and Felipe Mendes, GM of Tennis Clash, are stoked about this collaboration. They’re bringing the Australian Open vibe into the virtual world, adding a fresh twist to Tennis Clash’s gameplay.

Why Tennis Clash Is a Big Deal

Developed with precision, Tennis Clash mirrors real tennis dynamics, earning its spot not just among mobile gamers but also tennis enthusiasts. Ranked top 5 in sports games on the App Store and named one of Google Play’s “5 best competitive games of 2019,” it’s not just a game; it’s a virtual tennis revolution.

Tennis Clash and ITF Serve Up eSports Heat with World Tennis eChampionship

Platforms: iOS, Android

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