Thirdverse and VRML Join Forces in VR Esports

Pre-season Kicks Off on February 5th, Elevating VR Competitive Gaming

A New Alliance in Virtual Reality Gaming

Thirdverse Teams Up with VR Master League

In a groundbreaking move for virtual reality esports, Thirdverse, Inc., renowned for their 5v5 VR multiplayer hero shooter game X8, has officially announced a collaboration with the VR Master League (VRML). This strategic partnership marries the thrilling action of X8 with VRML’s prowess in hosting competitive VR gaming events, heralding a new era in the VR gaming landscape.

Pre-Season and Community Engagement

Initiating the VRML X8 Journey

Kicking off on February 5th, the pre-season phase will serve as a testing ground for rule sets and a catalyst for nurturing the burgeoning VRML X8 community. VRML has established a dedicated Discord channel for X8 at, inviting players to engage and gear up for the inaugural Season 1. This season promises weekly competitions and a tantalizing prize pool, details of which are eagerly awaited.

Celebrating Milestones and Community Incentives

X8 Hits 300,000 Downloads and Rewards Fans

Commemorating the significant milestone of 300,000 downloads, Thirdverse is rolling out a giveaway campaign. Enthusiasts stand a chance to win 3000 Bytes (X8’s in-game currency) and enter a sweepstakes for 30 exclusive hats. Join the X8 Discord community to partake in these celebratory events.

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives

VRML and Thirdverse Share Excitement

Alex Tukey of VRML (aka Nightfiree) expressed enthusiasm about incorporating X8 into the league, anticipating a robust response from the competitive VR gaming community. Masaru Ohnogi of Thirdverse echoed this sentiment, highlighting the partnership’s alignment with their vision to amplify VR gaming’s excitement and reach.

Inclusivity and Fair Play

VRML X8 League: A Platform for All

Designed to accommodate both experienced VR athletes and newcomers, the VRML X8 League emphasizes diversity, inclusivity, and fair play. This approach promises an engrossing, competitive experience for players and spectators alike.

A Landmark in VR Gaming Evolution

The Future of VR Esports Begins

Marking a pivotal moment in VR gaming, the collaboration between VRML and Thirdverse, coupled with X8’s impressive download milestone, sets the stage for an exhilarating VR esports journey. The anticipation builds as February 5th approaches, signaling the start of the VRML X8 pre-season and a new chapter in VR competitive gaming.

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