Unlock the Ultimate VR Adventure: Rooms of Realities Full Version Launches

Step Beyond Early Access – Bluekey and Gamedust Unleash the Complete Rooms of Realities Experience

Early Access Evolution

Rooms of Realities (ROR), the VR escape room sensation, has officially transitioned from Early Access to its much-anticipated full version 1.0. During its Early Access phase, ROR was not just chilling in the lobby. It introduced an array of new locations, features, and player-focused updates, showcasing the developers’ commitment to evolving the game based on community feedback.

The Full Experience Unveiled

The devs at Bluekey, in collaboration with their publisher Gamedust, have been grinding to expand the ROR universe. This effort has paid off with the addition of three new scenarios: “In The Shadow of the Pyramids,” “The Forsaken Asylum,” and “Nemo’s Mysterious Formula.” These new chapters bring the total adventure count to a whopping nine, ensuring that there’s something in store for every type of escape room aficionado. Whether you’re into the mysterious depths of the ocean, the enigmatic vibe of ancient pyramids, or the eerie atmosphere of abandoned asylums, ROR promises a VR experience that’s lit for everyone.

Player-Centric Updates and Enhancements

Bluekey hasn’t just been dropping new content; they’ve also focused on refining the ROR experience. Between major content drops, the team rolled out smaller updates, tweaking existing features and implementing player feedback. This approach highlights their dedication to creating a game that’s not just about escaping rooms but also about delivering a top-notch VR experience.

Availability and Compatibility

For those ready to dive into these immersive escape rooms, ROR is now available on Steam for $14.99. It supports the most popular VR headsets, ensuring a broad range of players can get in on the action. Additionally, Meta App Lab users can access the game with support for Meta Quest 3 & 2 and Meta Quest Pro. So, if you’re a VR head or an escape room enthusiast, it’s time to strap in and experience the full version of Rooms of Realities.

Platform: SteamVR, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro

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