Pax East 2020

What does the ASTRO brand really stand for? Pax East 2020

Thadeous Cooper head of brand talks about what the ASTRO brand really stands for and how they apply it to their products. We also find out what car manufacture ASTRO most compares too.

Aorus on the future of PC builds and Pax East 2020

Van from Aorus shares information about what he thinks PC building looks like in the coming years. We take a closer look at the Aorus activation at Pax East 2020.

Daradef talks about whats coming for Insurgency Sandstorm this year – Pax East 2020

Daradef walks us through the activation at Pax East 2020. She also shares some insight into what is to come in for Insurgency Sandstorm this year.

Top Dog Chris Rio explains the Cheer up Card Game at Pax East 2020

Cheer up fans or not. Cheer up is full of not so pleasant surprises NSFW. Chris walks us through how to play cheer up for the first-timers! Great bar game!

What is different in Chivalry 2? – Pax East 2020

Our friends at the Chivalry 2 booth talk us through some of the key differences between Chivalry 2 and the first version. Crowds of excited people await to play the Alpha exclusively at Pax East 2020.


Who needs March Madness when Borderlands 3 is bringing you March Mayhem? During the Gearbox Main Theater Show at PAX East earlier today, Gearbox and 2K shared some big announcements regarding content ...

8.2 Great

Beware Boston, THQ Nordic is coming to town! Meet us at PAX East!

THQ Nordic is shipping up for Boston and has four games on board. Visit us at PAX East from February 27th until March 1st, Booth Number #16233 and play our games there: SpongeBob SquarePants Battle fo...

Sony Skipping PAX East, and it’s for a Good Reason

We are a few days away from the annual Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, Massachusetts (better known as PAX East). Each year, game developers and publishers descend upon Boston to show off their latest gam...

New RAWMEN gameplay trailer shows off meatballs, duck turrets, fortbiscuits and more

We announced RAWMEN back in August and since then the game had tons of juicy new features, revamped visuals, and most importantly – new game modes.  What we’re sharing with you today will ...


Netmarble Corp., one of the fastest-growing mobile game companies in the world, has today announced that it will host a panel at the 2020 PAX East gaming convention titled Marvel Mystery Panel, with M...

All in! Games is coming to PAX East with tons of games!

Publisher All in! Games has announced that they will be present at PAX East 2020 in Boston! The event runs from February 27 to March 1, so be sure to take this chance and visit the All in! Games booth...

Disc Room Hovers Ominously into View, Threatens Galaxy in 2020

Cutting-edge developers Jan Willem Nijman & Kitty Calis (Minit), Terri Vellmann, and Doseone (HIGH HELL) and safety-conscious publisher Devolver Digital have announced Disc Room, an ultra-stylish ...

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